‘Highly Conneted Criminal On The Run’

Dear Editor

 I feel it’s my duty as a Patriotic Zambian to bring this matter to the public domain.
There is a highly sophisticated thief by the name of Oscar Mwenso who seems to be untouchable despite having three warrants for his arrest.
This criminal knows his well round Lusaka and is connected to top Politicians and the Police, recently this week in the Kitwe Magistrate Court, Oscar has been found guilty of theft of 90 tons of Copper from one of the mines and has been sentenced to  five years . Unfortunately the Court doesn’t know his whereabouts as judgment has been passed in his absence due to the fact he jumped bail and has been on the run for the past six months.
What surprised most of us whilst he was  appearing in Court for the above case he continued stealing copper  as such there are additional two warrants for his arrest this shows how connected this criminal is and one wonders how on earth he was put on bail when he is also a wanted criminal in South Africa so we hear.
The irony of if it all he is in Lusaka even in public places dinning with his connections, How is this Possible.
Can the IG please arrest this man; it’s very embarrassing  our Justice system to have a convicted criminal roaming the streets of Lusaka.