Cockroach in NADIA’ shawama,woodlands?

Dear Editor,

One I  day went to buy the tasty shawama with a friend at Nadia in woodlands. This place is seen to be one of the best places to buy shawamas in Lusaka but to my surprise I found a cockroach in the shawama.

I took it to the Lebanese cashier who was so rude and said it was just a simple mistake but this was not the first time. Apparently a friend of mine also found a cockroach weeks before my incident.

The owners of that place have outlets at UNZA and down town and I must say they careless for human health.

They claim its a mistake but a mistake is always a problem when it becomes a habit. Its believed that the owners of that place don’t  eat their own shawama because its dirty n unhealthy. Concenrned Zambian