She does this to earn a living and feed her two children. Meet Ester  Chola, she lives in Chirundu, a transit point on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the trucking route from South Africa through to East Africa.

She says whenever she meets a client (mostly truck drivers) she fore warns them that she is HIV positive but they still insist on having a bare back sex session with her(sex with NO condom).
Many Truck drivers after hearing her warning assume Ester is just making up a fake story so that they can use a condom. Most think that she is probably clean and wants to protect herself by making up fake stories about her HIV status. Many at times even double or triple the amount just to have ”fresh meat”. Ester says and I quote: I have plenty of customers, truck drivers especially I ask the client to use a condom, it’s safest.

But some men don’t like condoms. They say a condom is not 100 per cent. If I see ten truck drivers for sex, maybe two or three use a condom