Husbands Are Pushing Their Wives Into Sex With Strange Men – Married Woman

I’m in a similar situation too but mine is somehow different. I’m also married for 2yrs now I love my husband so much hence we got married after sometime he started misbehaving probably because I didn’t have a job then.(even though I was engaged with some other things so I wouldn’t be idle and look lazy).

He treats me like trash, talk about his other female friends all d time, giving them more attention etc. I managed to swallow all that. As if that wasn’t enough he picks on me unnecessarily, finds fault in nothing. My husband who is supposed to be my best friend became or is a stranger to me. The bond is no longer that strong.

Which woman would be happy to see her man exchanging nude pics with another lady?

He does all that and in his small mind he thinks I know nothing about it. Feeling like a player and funny enough when we were dating, he never showed any signs of all These nasty attitudes, trust me I wouldn’t have even thought of even getting married to him. Luckily for me I got a good paying job and I was happy that at least I have a friend now (my job) something I would look forward to every day.

I started work, things were going on fine until I met this young charming guy (my age mate) who lends me the listening ear and all. He is fun with a great sense of humor. We talk for long hours everyday even have dates outside the office, we flirt a lot (no sex) we are very good friends in fact people always think we are an item.

Now I’m so happy n joyful because I know I have someone to lean on. Now the tables have turned around and my ‘dear husband’ is beginning to feel bad.

The long and short is: the men are the ones who push us to the wall. You feel you can do all the nasty things and expect us to take it? We are humans please, if u cannot remain faithful then please stay single! Don’t make us go out.

Ladies please don’t sit there and say tradition forbids this or that… make yourself happy u have only one life don’t live it for you husband it should be mutual. Sorry to say if u die in silence. He wouldn’t even wait one day before hooking up another lady. I’m not saying u should go sleeping around, just don’t let it get to u go out have friends and be happy (just like me now)