District Commissioners, CEEC and Corruption

Dear Editor,

I hope you will publish my article on your widely read online news and I know our beloved readers will share their opinion with fairness as we always learn from them. Prior to the 2011 elections, the MMD decided to disburse Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission funds to all districts through their DCs.

I applied, my project was approved unfortunately till now the money is nowhere to be seen. However, the DC at that time was impressed with the project that I

am still running up to now and assured me that she would find ways of how she(DC) could ensure that the funds are disbursed to me. Five days before elections, I received a call and I met her at a play park where I was given K30million cash and she asked me to give her the title deeds of my house as surety which I did later that day.

I have paid back the K30million I got and I have all the deposit slips with me which I made in her Barclays account. Now, this former DC has now decided to engage her husband and is demanding K10miLion as interest. I initially applied for the money from CEEC coz it was interest free.

I now understand that the money I was given was intended to corrupt cadres in the nearby district which apparently was petitioned. The the former regime lost the petition and later on the by-election. I’m shocked that I was used as a rubber stamp to hide money.

(1) Should I expose this person so that justice prevails?

(2) Should I give them K10million and I close the chapter? I would appreciate the advice from our dear reader whether positive or negative. Many Zambians have been cheated and exploited by our politicians.