SCAM At Zambia Postal Services

Dear Editor,
In the past few months, I have sent a number of packages to Zambia, and so have many other Zambians here in the USA. Most of the packages have gone missing in Zambia to the disappointment of the sender and the expectant receiver. Our Zambia Postal Services needs to be restructured and bring in new people who have good work ethics and not the corrupt elements we have at the Post Sort Facility in Lusaka who steal people’s items.

I thought I was one of the few people who were experiencing these problems that once I sent my parcel to Zambia, it never made it. After talking to other Zambians here, many also complained of the same problem. They are either victims of the Zambia Postal Services or know about other people who have had their packages stolen in Zambia

The Zambia Postal Service has a scam of stealing parcels sent from abroad. When a parcel arrives at their sort facility, they do not scan it and take it to some other place where they open and share the contents among themselves or put them on the market. A person who once worked for the Post Office in Zambia told me that this has become worse in recent past. Any letter coming from USA or Europe is opened by these “thieves” who think there are some Dollars or Euros in the envelopes.

The Zambia Police and Airport Security must close all the loopholes to ensure that the packages received are scanned and make it to the intended recipient without tampering with the packages.

Kevin Nonde

Concerned Zambian in USA