Fee-Paying Police Cells

By Jack Musonda

It may sound crazy idea to some reader but I am convinced it will be original and helpful to Zambians.
After reflection on hospital services and arrest of some politicians who have asked for special treatment when are lock up in police cells I thought it will be helpful, to build FeePay Police cells so that are kept clean “Self contained rooms”.
I am fully aware some will find it weird because is very new and they have never heard about it. My argument if hospital have special FeePay wards why not police cells. In fact if we have different treatment to patients depending on richness why can we not do it to Police cells also.

The money raised to FeePay Police cells will:
-Help improve other ordinary Cells
-The decongest the ordinary cells
-Will be the way to take money from the rich to use in the society
-And is good income for police service
This will not be new even police bond “bail” is determined by wealth and influence of the person. The truth is no-matter whatever we will decide even in crime people are treated by wealthy, authority and power they have in society. I appeal to people responsible for make decision to think on this idea.