Pastoral Letter: Serious Wake Up Call; It Is Not From Without

Dear Editor,
It is indeed too early for the PF Government to have such a Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Church. It is indeed a serious wakeup call, it points to the fact that people are fade up. The Pastoral letter is just a tiny mirror reflecting on the ills of the PF regime.

I am fully aware that the people elected into office the PF with hope that some issues pointed out in the Pastoral letter can be addressed, but this seems to be fruitless. The stance by Sakeni is questionable. How can he say that Government won’t engage Catholic Bishops through the media?

PF has to clean its mess. It is a divided house and will fall soon. It has failed to listen to the people. It uses media to expose its dirty linen and what the Church has done it to be that mirror. If the PF does not want to discuss issues in public, it should be open to listen to the people and go into solitude and reflect.

Hasn’t the PF exposed itself in public? Hasn’t the PF washed its dirty linen in public? What about the Given Lubinda Case? What about the Wynter Case of going with cadres to ACC Offices? What about George Chellah responding to Chipimo’s address without critically reflecting what was said?

The Pastoral Letter is just a mirror. Simply put, the issues pointed out in the Pastoral letter if not addressed seriously will make the PF Government sink faster and leave Office soon. The Catholic does not just make noise. It does not write and speak without proper research on what affects its people.

Is it not true that some of our leaders across the political spectrum have failed to demonstrate maturity, dignity and magnanimity in the way they exercise their leadership and in the manner they relate to each other? Is it not true that our leaders have failed to promote the common good and especially uplifting the lives of the weak in our society? Are caused By-Election for the common good of the Zambian people or the majority few who wanted to share the PF cake in a corrupt manner? It is clear corruption in day light to resign and want to stand for the same sit? It is clear corruption in public to have someone resign and appoint him or her. It is clear corruption to assign someone on a mission whilst facing corruption charges.

Once it starts like this, then it is an indication that the PF has really gone off the road. Let the advisors of the President and the PF senior Official critically read the Pastoral letter. It is a serious wakeup Call. It is not from without.

Tembo Michel