Police Looking For Witchdoctor Who Initiated Children Into Witchcraft

Mufulira district commissioner, Chanda Kabwe, confirmed in an interview that the matter was reported to his office by five concerned parents of some of the children.Police In Mufulira are looking for a named witchdoctor reported to have initiated more than 20 children into witchcraft in the district.
Chanda Kabwe in an Interview said the witchdoctor tattooed the juveniles, gave them medicine to take and told them that they would be good fighters, protected and intelligent at school.
The witchdoctor is said to have charged the children an undisclosed amount of money.
Kabwe said the witchdoctor also promised the children that women would like them when they grow up.
The witchdoctor is further said to have told the children to go to a tree at night where someone had committed suicide some time back and that they should stop bathing.
Kabwe assured that the law would take its course over the matter.
“I will ensure that the culprit in this matter is brought to book, and I will not tolerate such activities in my district, especially that this man played with the lives of young people who are future leaders of this country,” he noted.
A check at Kabwe’s office found a chaplain from the Zambia Police and a bishop Paul Bupe from Lusaka praying for five of the affected children