‘Theft At Kansanshi Mine- Robbing The Company Millions of Dollars’

Dear Editor,
Everytime a Zambian employee at kansanshi mine is caught and fired for stealing it shows a bad picture of disloyalty,but the question is ;Is it only Zambians involved?The answer is no.Most of the expatriates are involved in acts and transactions that are robbing the company of alot of money.
The Engineering department is the most affected to a point where the department overun the budget during the last quater of last year by 11million dollars and attributed it to the local labour wage bill.A serious post-mortem by our team shows that most of the superintendents are involved in malpractices.The following examples have been investigated and evidence is there which can be published if need be
1.Mr Troy Jonson –Mechanical Superintendent has been ordering expensively wrong spares and instead of returning them back to suppliers  he declares them redundant  and dumps them is the laydown area .
2.Mr Fannie fouche-Instrumentation superintendent runs companies in South Africa that comes to undertake  simple jobs like Fire suppression  system and modifications to controls like PLC’S at a very huge cost to the company.Worse enough,every time his girl friend(Veronica Tembo)travels to Lusaka to visit her family,he pays for her and her daughter’s flight  to and fro Lusaka using the section cost center.Isn’t  this serious fraud?
The Engineering manager can not do anything to arrest the situation because his juniors are taking advantage of him not being qualified for the job.All he knows better is checking the colours of hard hats and the stickers on them.
Seriously speaking do we have the ministries of labour and home affairs or as the situation depicts,the two ministries are still in a slumber to a point of allowing expatriates work in our country without them presenting  their correct qualifications-if they have any at all.
By Concerned Citizen