7 Men Immediately Die After Having Sex with Same Woman

At the age of 42, she literally has seven men six feet down and their death stories are the same.

A seemingly cursed woman from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb, Janet Phiri, will do anything for a person who will cleanse her as ‘all men’ she plays the ‘hide my sausage game’ with allegedly die within a week after the act.

Phiri’s boyfriend, Tafadzwa Murinda is thanking his God and ancestors for saving him as he was going to be the EIGHTH on the list, so it seems.

The shocked Murinda said: “I still cannot believe what was prophesied at church about my girlfriend. I invited her to my church two weeks ago as I had plans of marrying her. During the delivery hour, the pastor just told me to see him after the service without fail because my life was at risk. After the service, I went with my girlfriend and he prayed for us before ordering Phiri to tell me her life secret. She failed to say a word as she cried uncontrollably. I could not even guess the secret of it,” said Murinda.

He added that the atmosphere was so tense that even the pastor failed to tell him the story, but just prayed for them and ordered them not to have sex.

“My girlfriend did not communicate with me for three days and during those days, I just kept on praying as I needed to know the secret which had been linked with my life being in danger. On the fourth day, she phoned me saying we should meet at the pastor’s place because she was prepared to tell me the secret. I could not believe my ears when she confessed that in her life, all the men she had sex with died,” he said.

The childless Phiri reportedly said whenever she accepts a man’s proposal, she develops a mysterious boil (mota) on the leg. The boil develops into a wound that only heals, coincidentally after she sleeps with the new boyfriend, who would also mysteriously die within a week of having sex with her.

“When she said all this, it was as if I was dreaming, but she apologised saying she had always hoped for the best. She made things worse when she showed me a boil she had developed on the thigh,” said Murinda.

When Phiri was contacted for comment, she opened up on the issue saying: “I want to get married like other women, but I have a big problem as all men I sleep with die. I have been to traditional healers and prophets but it did not help.”
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