Nkandu Luo Mistakes ‘Boko Haram’ For ‘Barack Obama’

Chiefs and traditional affairs minister Prof Nkandu Luo recently got embroiled in a faux pas during an address to Lusaka residents protesting the abduction of over 200 Nigerian girls when she referred to Boko Haram as ‘Barack Obama’.
In the 25-scond video, which some Zambians are poking fun at on social networks, Prof Luo triggered raucous laughter and applause when she referred to the Nigerian terrorist group behind the abduction of the schoolgirls, Boko Haram, as ‘the Barack Ob…’.
“…things which we are doing here in Zambia to continue singing the song of peace, to continue campaigning for the girl children, that way these criminals in the name of Islam the Barack O, Barack O, whatever,” said Prof Luo as the audience laughed and applauded, “will not, aah, will not abduct our children.”
The event at which Prof Luo made the gaffe took place at the Lusaka Civic Centre grounds on May 17 and was attended by senior government officials, various religious groups, non-governmental organisations and pupils from various schools in the capital city with a view of expressing solidarity with the abducted Nigerian girls.