Cops Nab Man For Threatening To knock Out Kazim Sata’s Teeth

Police on Saturday arrested a prominent Ndola buisness man,Sibini Mulenga,after he had an altercation with President Micheal Sata’s son Kazim.
Mulenga had threatened to knock out Kazim’s teeth during a bitter exchange of words which nearly led to a fight at Circles Nightclub in Ndola.Mulenga said Kazim,in the company of two bodyguards,entered the night club on Friday night and past where he and his colleagues were having a drink at the counter.
Mulenga said Kazim bumped into him and he asked Kazim to excuse himself.Mulenga said Kazim refused to apologise and reacted angrily to his request”Walinjishiba ine Kuti nakucena ine”(Do you know me?I can injure you kazim threatened Mulenga.
Mulenga also responded:”Naine Wine kuti nakusokola ameno.(Even me I can knock your teeth out).”Mulenga said Kazim walked out of the club and moments later,two men who identified themselves as state House Officers told him they wanted to talk to him .Mulenga explained that he refused to talk to the officers and insisted he was not going anywhere.
Mulenga said one of the officers drew a gun,pointed it at his head and he was told he had to go with them to Ndola Central police station.
He said at the police station,the state House officers told police Mulenga threatened Kazim when he said he would beat him up and knock his teeth out.Mulenga said he was detained,arrested and charged with conduct likely to breach the peace ,but was released after paying K22.50 admission of guilt fine on Saturday.
Police sources confirmed that Mulenga was arrested after an exchange of words with Kazim but the two men did not fight.
Copperbelt Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa said she had not yet received the report.

By Abigail Chaponda