Traditional Healer Looking For Two More Husbands For Sexual Gratification

Emma Chaleka claims that her husband was failing to sexually satisfy her. That is why she got another “husband”. However, her dream is to live with four husbands under one roof.

The polyandrous marriage has sent tongues wagging in Gadzema Heights suburb as children stood with their Never Mudenda in attacking the second husband Sikabenga Pendasi , 55, of Pickstone Mine.

The woman in the centre of the storm Emma confirmed her marriage to Sikabenga and Mudenda who are of the same totem saying she is prepared to have four husbands as long as they live peacefully respecting their duties.

“My husband is the one who brought Sikebenga here as he was failing to satisfy me sexually because of his illness and this was done in front of witnesses,” said Emma.

“We need food and for the house to remain sound as a wife I need a husband wekuita bonde naye zvino vaMudenda vakaroiwa after he cheated with a married woman.

“Whenever we wanted to have sex he would feel weak and he decided to introduce me to Sikabenga as they share the same totem and our kitchen was changed to be the bedroom with Sikabenga.

“Sikabenga agreed, on condition that there were witnesses to this agreement, and Mudenda bought a chicken and called one of our neighbours as a witness.

“It was after spending five days when Mudenda saw me every morning leaving the kitchen after spending the whole night with Sikabenga that he felt jealous of him.

“Mudenda took my children and they agreed to attack Sikabenga and they nearly killed him.

“I discouraged Sikabenga from making a police report fearing that my children would be arrested,” narrated Emma.

Emma said the attack could not scare Sikabenga, bragging that she is of the Soko totem and whoever dated a Soko woman would never leave her.

“My mother is of the Soko totem and my father is a Mozambican. Wese anotora muera Soko haabve and I do not fear men, I am prepared to have four husbands as long they live peacefully respecting their duties,” said Emma.

“Ndinorova varume ini vose mudunhu muno vanozviziva kuti mukadzi wa Seargent Mbuya Emma vanorova ende ndichizvigona that is why they fear facing me about this development.

“They are spreading the rumour about this but ndinozviudzwa kuhope even your coming here was revealed to me in dreams last night.

“After Mudenda led my kids in attacking Sikabenga I gave him a dollar as token of divorce and he refused after failing to answer why he was against the man he asked me to take as my second husband.

“I am not going to let Sikabenga go because my husband is the one who brought him here and if he has infected me with any disease I have been affected already.

“From my motherhood I never cheated with any man. I am faithful respecting my body and my spirit mediums. Ndiri n’anga yemandorokwati. Pamba pangu hapabiwe.

“I have helped many villagers recover their livestock and valuables. Mishonga ndinoiziva that is why people quickly got to know about my marriage to Sikabenga,” said Emma.

Emma said Mudenda is going to live a cursed life turning against Sikabenga.

“Mudenda is now undressing me as if I am to blame in this marriage, he will live a cursed life and I am going to make him menstruate like a woman so that he feels the pain and his private parts will be on his forehead.

“He never paid lobola to my father here and he came here as my patient before we married following the death of my first husband with who I have 11 children.

“I have two children with Mudenda and I am still to have kids with Sikabenga.

“Mudenda is a hunter and is ever in the bush but he has a habit of selling his slaughters there in the bush leaving Sikabenga working the land for me and that pains me much,” said Emma.

Sikabenga, who left his family in Binga, told us that Mudenga introduced him to Emma’s father Dick Chaleka, 94, who stays with the family.

“I am related to Mudenda by our totem and he is the one who introduced me to his father-in-law who is here as the witness,” said Sikabenga.

“I left my family in Binga and am now living with Emma together with Mudenda but he is now turning against me.

“I am not going anywhere after the attack and if MudenDa has a case with me let him make it before the court of law.

“He teamed up with Emma’s children and the children are now regretting nekuti vakapariswa ngizi vavakunyara kuuya vachiona amai vavo.

“Mudenga is now a wanderer of no fixed aboard following his actions and, as we speak, we do not know where he is and if you happen to meet him let us know,” said Sikabenga.

Dick confirmed that Sikabenga was introduced to him as the second son-in-law saying he is going to take Mudenda’s seven year old daughter to Mozambique as payment for lobola which the father failed to honour.

“Yeah Mudenga introduced Sikabenga as the second son in law but they both look the same and I do not think Sikabenga will pay lobola,” said Dick.

“I am going to make Mudenga’s daughter to my country for his failure to pay lobola that is what he said after I asked him about my lobola,” said Dick who is the father of Emma.