Police Arrest Notorious ‘Seven Spirits’

he Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has arrested defiant drug baron, Gerald Musalale alias Seven Spirits after he vowed never to stop openly trading in marijuana in the streets of Lusaka’s Chibolya Compound.

Seven Spirits had dared the Police to arrest him saying marijuana trade has become part of the people of Chibolya compound and nothing will stop them.

The teary Seven spirits was apprehended following an operation in the drug infested notorious compound tuesday, afternoon.

Commission spokesperson, Theresa Katongo says Musalale’s arrest is part of the on-going crackdown to get rid of illicit drugs in the area.

And Musalale has maintained that in the absence of jobs, schools and recreational facilities in the compound, the youths would continue trading in drugs.

For years, drug lords and thieves have ruled Chibolya with impunity, spreading terror among its residents who live in constant fear, and giving the township its bad name.