Roma Girls Teacher Denies Assaulting Catholic Nun

Roma Girls Secondary School Science Teacher Daswell Sichilongo who battered a Catholic nun has pleaded not guilty to one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Mr.Sichilongo 53, of House No.2 at Roma Girls Secondary is said to have assaulted the Head of Teacher of the same school, Emma Chakupaleza, after she locked his house for failure to pay rentals.

It is said Sister Chakupaleza a Catholic nun locked up the houses of defaulting teachers in a bid to force them to pay rentals the action which angered Mr. Sichilongo to an extent of battering her.

And when the matter came up this morning for plea, Principal Resident Magistrate Aridah Chulu set August 25th, as date for commencement of trial and 11th August,2014 as the date for mention.

Mr. Sichilongo has also been granted a cash bail of K1,000 with two working sureties.

And the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) has strongly condemned the beating of the Catholic Nun by a teacher at Roma Girls High School in Lusaka.

ZEC spokesperson Father Winfield Kunda says the violent beating of defenceless Reverend Sister Emma Chakupaleza for executing her duty by a fellow teacher was uncalled for and deserves serious condemnation from all well-meaning Zambia especially in this day when gender based violence has no place in society.

Father Kunda says in a society where restraint and mutual dialogue no matter the provocation is being preached, it was expected of Mr.Daswell Sichilongo to control himself unlike resorting to violence especially that he is a teacher who should not only teach science subjects but also morals to his pupils.

He says what he portrayed especially on Camera for a widely watched TV station deserves condemnation.

Father Kunda adds that to make matters worse, this uncalled for actions have even gone viral on social media and shall be there forever further exposing the Reverend Sister whose noble vocation to serve the entire humanity to more embarrassment and pain.

He states that inflicting pain on women should come to an end because it is so barbaric and uncivilized behaviour which weak men try to justify and validate their manhoods.

Father Kunda says Zambia needs real men who will protect, care and love people around them especially women and children.

The ZEC spokesperson has further stated that the beating up of Sister Chakupaleza, just indicate that there are still evil trends in this patriarchal society where women are still considered as subject of intimidation and violence, which should not be entertained at all cost.

And National Council of Catholic Women(NCCW) National Chairperson Mrs.Anna Mwamba has said what happened to Sr. Chakupaleza was uncalled for and should be condemned by not only the Catholic Women but by all Women and Men in the country.