’60-Year-Old Woman Caught In Bed With 15-Year-Old Boy’

A 60-year-old woman was allegedly caught in bed with a 15-year-old boy in Zvishavane, Zimbabwe.

Villagers said Elizabeth Khumalo and the boy had been sleeping together behind the man’s back for “a long time.”

Sakhele Khumalo, 63, who has been married to Elizabeth for 31 years, said he is sending her packing.

He said he never wanted to hear his wife’s name mentioned in his presence as she had exposed him to the ultimate humiliation by engaging in extra-marital sex with a boy young enough to be her grandson.

Elizabeth denied she was caught with the boy and said she would only leave her husband if they shared their property.

Villagers narrated how all hell broke loose on Saturday when Khumalo got a tip-off about the affair.

They said he was not on duty at his workplace but pretended to Elizabeth that he was going to work at night.

“He left home around 7pm, boarded a lift towards work before disembarking after some distance.

“He went to a relative’s homestead only to go home around 9pm. Upon arrival, he peeped through the window and was taken aback by Elizabeth who was screaming like a teenage girl with excitement.

“An emotionally charged Khumalo then quietly locked the door from outside with steel wire before rushing to inform his relatives who had long known about Elizabeth’s mischief,” said a villager.

“On realising that they had been caught, the two bolted out of the rooms while holding their clothes before disappearing into the darkness. Up to today, no-one knows where the boy is,” said the villager.

Elizabeth flatly denied the affair but confirmed that she had marital problems with her husband.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a God-fearing woman who wouldn’t dare do such a degrading thing in society.

“While I can confirm that we’ve marital problems with my husband, what people are saying is a lie.

“We’ve problems like any other family and our issue is being handled by the police as Khumalo is refusing to release my property,” said Elizabeth.

A villager, who identified himself as Michael Ndlovu, said the teen had been having an affair with the grandmother behind Khumalo’s back for a “long time.”

“The affair between Elizabeth and the boy had become the talk of the village. Khumalo used to regard the boy as his son who does piece jobs in the village. He never thought he could be a rival suitor,” said Ndlovu.