Meet The Woman Who Was Arrested For Having Sex With A Man On Stage

12Dirty dancer Chantel Chirumuta has been arrested after she had sex with a patron live on stage at Club Red 32 in Southerton, Zimbabwe.

Sources said she is set to appear before a Mbare Magistrate soon facing charges of public indecency.

Dancers Association of Zimbabwe President, Hapaguti Mapimhidze was also summoned to Harare Central Police station yesterday afternoon.

It is reported that Chantel was performing strip tease with a male patron on stage at club Red 32 in Southerton and ended up performing live sex in full view of revellers.

Chantel reportedly asked for a condom from anyone who had one, asked one of her fans to put it on before having sex live on stage.

This is in violation of dancers’ licenses as they are not supposed to engage members of the audience on stage.