Green Party To Move State House To Kitwe, Parliament To Western Province

GREEN Party (GP) president Peter Sinkamba will relocate State House from Lusaka to Kitwe and Parliament also from Lusaka to Western Province, if he is elected in next week’s presidential poll.
Speaking during a presidential debate at the Copperbelt University (CBU) on Tuesday evening ahead of next Tuesday’s presidential election, Mr Sinkamba said, “I am appealing to Copperbelt residents to vote for me.  I will bring State House to Kitwe, we will just upgrade the Ndeke Presidential Lodge.  We will also take Parliament to Western Province in our bid to take power to the people.”
Mr Sinkamba reiterated that his party will maximise revenue collection by splitting the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) into two institutions to make it viable and collect enough revenue for the country.
“We will have the External Revenue Authority (ERA) and the Domestic Revenue Authority (DRA) with two commissioner generals. We think that in the current state of ZRA, there is inertia in the manner the two units of ZRA are operating. We will split them into two separate institutions so that they become accountable,” he said.
Mr Sinkamba said the current taxation regime does not collect enough revenue for the country.
He also said his government will develop industries to create jobs for youths.
“We will come up with various policies that will benefit youths. We will come up with industries to absorb jobless youths,” Mr Sinkamba said.
He said his party will use money raised from marijuana sales to fund various development projects.
Mr Sinkamba also rebuked people who are against legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes saying beer and other substances are more harmful than marijuana.
And The United Party for National Development (UPND) reiterated its commitment to providing free education to all Zambians.
Speaking at the same presidential debate, UPND Copperbelt chairperson Elisha Matambo said their government would provide free education to all Zambians.
“UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is a product of free education and he is determined to offer free education to young Zambians. We will create more industries that will offer employment opportunities to the people,” he said.
Mr Matambo said UPND will have a small cabinet and that it will channel more resources towards developing the country.
He also said that his party will not legalise marijuana.
“Under the UPND government, Zambia will remain a Christian nation. Marijuana is a demon, I know people very close to me who have gone mad because of marijuana. UPND will not promote marijuana,” Mr Matambo said.

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