ZB Launches Cassava Beer

Zambian Breweries managing director Annabelle Degroot Anabella said her company is delighted to launch the cassava base beer under the Eagle name.
“This is a milestone in the development of commercially viable cassava value chain and is in line with the government’s programme of crop diversification particularly for small -holder farmers,” Ms Degroot said.
She said 350 small holder farmers will be engaged to supply cassava with an increase in the number of farmers engaged as the demand for the beer grows as well as the cassava content.
Ms Degroot said the cassava base beer lager is a cheaper, affordable and heathier alternative for consumers who cannot afford the company’s mainstream products and end up resorting to harmful spirits and others of cheaper quality and home brews of doubtful quality.
“The launch of this product is clear demonstrations of our commitment to develop innovative products for our consumers,” she said.

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