Meet The Zambian Virgin With Ambitions To Get married To A White Man!

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This is a story of  a Zambian virgin Juliet Bummba who is now 22. A story carried out by the post around same time last year:

‘JULIET Buumba says she is virgin and her dream is to a marry a white man only because white men are caring.
Recently, Buumba ran an advert in The Post, seeking to marry someone who is white because that is where her heart belongs.
Buumba, 21 says it’s not about stereotyping because she considers black men as her brothers.
“I have never had a boyfriend in my whole life, neither have I slept with any man before and that is why I wouldn’t allow any man to take advantage of me, no ways, and at least not this time around when I have not even found my white guy,” she says.
Buumba, a student at Zambia Institute of Management and pursuing a diploma in purchasing and supply, says in an interview that she wants to get married to a white man because some Zambian men have proved to be violent and difficult to handle.
“This is something I have been wanting since my childhood and I have always dreamt of getting married to a white man. Well, for me, I see Zambian men and any other black men as my brothers and I cannot really get married to a black man and nothing will change that,” she says.

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“I come from a family of 10 and I am the 8th born. I am a dependant and currently living with my aunt here in Chilanga. She is the one sponsoring me at school.”
Buumba says she has a strong belief that white men have strong and unconditional love for their spouses and that they have great respect for their wives.
She claims that some black Zambian men were not nice and friendly to their spouses.
“White men are not violent. They do not abuse their wives and that is why I want a white man to marry me. As for most Zambian men, all they know and do best is to abuse their wives, beat them up and, ah! They are just too violent and I cannot manage to live with such a man,” she says.
And Buumba says she would also prefer getting married to a white man resident in Zambia.
“I would not accept to get married to a white man who would want to take me to his home country because I wouldn’t know what kind of abuse he would subject me to. I wouldn’t want to be taken somewhere far from my family. I want them (family) to know how I am and how I am doing and in case things go sour, I should know where to run to,” she says.

Zambian Virgin
Buumba says she is ready for marriage and that white men who are interested in marrying a young and vibrant Zambian woman should not hesitate to contact her.
“I am only 21 and I want a single white man for marriage aged between 29 and 34 years old because with that age difference, I feel we can get along very well and I would promise to give that person my full respect as his wife,” she says.
Buumba also explains that she did not tell her family about her intention to find and marry a white man because she wanted it to come as a surprise to them.
“From the 50 calls I have received so far from men, only two are whites and the rest are blacks, my ‘brothers’ so to say. Well, the two white guys, one is from Kitwe, his name is William and he promised to come and visit me here in Lusaka over the weekend. I will be meeting him at InterContinental Hotel because he prefers that place. And the other one said is a journalist from Mexico and he just came for some programme here in Lusaka, but I do not want to go for him because he wants to take me to his home country in Mexico,” she says.
“From the two, I think I would settle for William because he is locally based and he truly shows interest in marrying me. I will then take him to my aunty and introduce him. And then marriage procedures will have to commence.”
Buumba adds that she is not scared of human trafficking and that she is aware of what is becoming a common practice for some foreign nationals saying she is careful with the moves she is making.
“I know that I can be a victim of human trafficking. That is why I am extra careful in the way I am dealing with these issues,” said Buumba.’

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