Myths About Urinary Tract Infections

Myths About Urinary Tract Infections

MYTH: If you get a UTI, you have poor hygiene
FACT: UTI can occur even when your hygiene habits are squeaky-clean.
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MYTH: Only women get UTIs
FACT: Unfortunately, UTIs are more common in women but men can also get a UTI, especially after they hit 50.
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MYTH: Only sexually active women get UTIs
FACT: This is far from the truth because there are many other factors that are involved in getting a UTI besides sexual intercourse.

MYTH: More than one UTI is dangerous to health
FACT: Getting more than one UTI doesn’t mean it is more serious. The risk emerges only if the infection spreads to your kidneys.

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  1. tutu   November 21, 2016 at 10:48 am

    “unfortunately,UTIs are more common in women” why unfortunately, you want it to be double double equal equal between the two sexes? as a medical practitioner,I concur with the information in this article