Regina Mwanza Chiluba Battling For Her Life In India

Regina Mwanza Chiluba Battling For Her Life In India

REGINA CHILUBA, the last wife to late second Republican President Fredrick Chiluba is currently battling for her life in India, she has cervical cancer.
Before going to India for specialized chemotherapy, Regina spent 4 four months in UTH, at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Her admition was kept a secret and access to her was restricted.
On February 21,2002, Regina’s marriage to her first husband Edward Mwanza was dissolved by Ndola High Court Judge Japhet Banda, after Mwanza failed to defend a divorce application his wife Regina had filled with the court.
It was alleged by the section of the media that Regina sort divorce with Mwanza after Fredrick Chiluba impregnated her outside wedlock but while she was still married to her husband.
Three months after the divorce, Regina became a wife to Chiluba in a controversial union.
“I am a good thing that has happened to Chiluba and we got married in May,2002,” Regina once remarked.
In 2011, following Chiluba’s demise, the children to the second Republican President and their stepmother Regina wrangled over assets of Chiluba after it emerged that he only left behind “one Rolex wrist watch, clothes, shoes and about $1.2 million”.
Fredrick Chiluba’s children had sued Regina to discard her from administering the properties of their dad.
But Regina argued that Chiluba died intestate and asked the children to withdraw the lawsuit to avoid bringing their father’s name into ridicule.
But the children argued that they saw the ‘last will’ , and that they had become suspicious of their stepmother’s “tricks” of hastly arranging papers of administration shortly after Chiluba died.
Chiluba, a flamboyant dressed President, fought a 7 year corruption trial and was acquitted in 2009 by the Rupiah Banda regime – Levy Mwanawasa, Chiluba’s successor innitiated the Corruption crusade against his predecessor.
Chiluba’s wife before Regina is Vera Chiluba.
However, in 2010, Regina was acquitted by the High court on charges of corruptly acquiring monies and property while her second hubby was President. But she was found guilty by a smaller court, of pocketing $300,000 corruptly and was sentenced Three-and years in prison.

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    Our interest is to know how she is doing healthy wise not about those wars you are concerned about , if you had that as the headline I wouldn’t have even read a single line on this issue.

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    Forgiveness and showing compassion to one another should and must be encouraged and this business of taunting each other to the grave must be discouraged..

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    Wishing her a quick recovery. Do not judge her, no one living is righteous.