Senior Chief Nsefu Health Condition Stablises

The health condition of Senior Chief NSEFU of the KUNDA speaking people of MAMBWE District, Eastern Province, has improved after undergoing treatment in India.
The traditional leader has since praised President EDGAR LUNGU for evacuating him for specialized treatment.
He says the joint disorder on the upper limb which he has been grappling with needed specialized medical attention because he was born with the challenge.
“nina badwa ndi joint yosiyana na iyake. Iyi ina inayamba kudyeka koma yai m’tsogoleri wanthu President Lungu anithandiza ngako. Naba Sata bananithandiza ngako,’ [I was born with a joint disorder. It started affecting the other one. I thank President Lungu for evacuating me to India for specialized treatment. President Sata also helped me a lot before his demise] He said.
This came to light when Zambia’s High Commissioner to India JUDITH KAPIJIMPANGA visited the Senior Chief at INDRAPRASTHA Apollo Hospital in India at midnight this morning.
And Mrs. KAPIJIMPANGA says the Zambian Mission in New Delhi is working hard to ensure that India helps in the establishment of specialized hospital in Zambia to cut on costs and ensure that more Zambians with similar challenges get treated.
The High Commissioner also checked on former Health Deputy Minister CHRISTOPHER MULENGA and other Zambians who are in India for various health challenges requiring specialized medical attention.
Issued by:
Bangwe Naviley- First Secretary [Press and Tourism]
New Delhi, India