Mahtani, Sunbird Partner

Mahtani, Sunbird Partner

Mahtani Group of Companies has partnered with Sunbird Bio-energy Africa to invest 2-hundred and 50-million dollars in a bio-ethanol plant in Kawambwa District ā€“ Luapula Province.

Mahtani Group of Companies Chairperson Rajan Mahtani says the plant will be the first ever in the country and will create a combined 32-megawatt power plant and 120 million liters of ethanol.

Dr. Mahtani said the company will engage 30-thousand cassava out growers in the province in the next two years.

He says the company is indebted to government and all stakeholders for assistance and corporation received.

Dr. Mahtani has also paid tribute to international funders who like his company have confidence in Zambia owing to its conducive business environment created by government.

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  1. Chilankalipa   July 17, 2017 at 11:42 am

    No matter how much you wish to frustrate a business minded person, his fortunes lie in his brains where you cannot reach. Keep it up Rajan.