SUNZU CHALLENGE FAIL? Patricia’s Fiance Is A Married Man, He Has Also Opened A boutique For Her Mu Town

Information reaching our news desk is that the ‘lucky’ lady who received a Mercedes Benz on her engagement and a Land Rover Discovery on her Kitchen Party is Patricia Mwelwa and is actually a professional teacher who has become very rich within a very short time. She attended Kansenshi school in Ndola and she has a masters degree in Education from the University Of Zambia. The sources say her fiance is Mr Davies Hambulo of Avondale, a very rich man who is married to another woman. He is also rumoured to be once married to politician Edith Nawakwi. The man has also opened a boutique for her in town called Amaris Clothing at Limbe Mall opposite Central park along Cairo Road.

Mr Hambulo is currently married to another woman for 15 years now. The Land Rover he bought for Patricia was parked at their residence in Avondale just across the road from where Patricia also stays. The wife received information that he wanted to marry a 2nd wife but when interrogated by his wife he denied everything.
After the Chilanga Mulilo (Tradtional marriage ceremony), he was once more interrogated by the wife and other interested parties, then he finally confessed that he wanted to marry another wife. The wife in question is very devastated and has not accepted the ‘pink bride’.

“This is not the first time balepondaka abaume aba, Nakale balipondweke but lulya business yaya panshi balibwelele kubakashi, balibelela.”( This is not the first time the man is doing this to his wife, the last time he left his wife for another woman he came back when his business went down and his wife forgave him)”. The source said.