I Am Stronger Than Kambwili, Brags Kampyongo

Let expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili form his own political party so that I face him head on in the political battle field, brags Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo.

Few hours after his dismissal, Kambwili said he walked out of the MCC meeting because he was not given an opportunity to exculpate himself as Kampyongo is the only one who was talking.

But Kampyongo said the MCC made a collective decision when they axed Kambwili and Former Chimwemwe Member of Parliament Mwenye Musenge from the governing party.

Kampyongo said the crime Kambwili made was to destabilize the party for his selfish ambitions.

He said Kambwili is not the only big figure that has left the party.

Kampyongo said the party had people like Wynter Kabimba, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and others who have left but the PF is still intact and even more attractive.

“He(Kambwili) singled out few individuals in the MCC as having influenced his exit from the party. That is very unfortunate, MCC members are very brave enough to stand up to his face but the decision that was made was a collective decision. We couldn’t watch him destroy the party simply because he has Presidential ambitions. We went through a lot of difficulties in 2015 which saw a lot of those that claimed to be big figures and founders of the party out. Some formed their own political parties like our former SG(Wynter Kabimba) others joined UPND like GBM is vice president of UPND. Has PF gone? PF is still here. Even me as  Kampyongo I am not PF so I  can go but PF will remain. Even the President has made it very clear that PF is  project that someone started and we should grow it so if you think you have individually become bigger than the party you be shown the door and we will meet politically in the battle field,” Kampyongo said ” So he(Kambwili) should not single out individuals. Yes there are individuals like me who do not fear him. So right now how face him on the ground. He should not make excuses let us see how  strong he is.”

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