Resign, You Are Incompetent, Tembo Tells Mutati

Resign, You Are Incompetent, Tembo Tells Mutati

The Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) is now calling for the blood of Finance Minister Felix Mutati.
PeP leader Sean Enock Tembo in a strong worded statement is demanding for the resignation of Mutati with immediate effect so that he concentrate on rebranding his Movement for Multiparty Democracy(MMD).

He said PeP’s first ground is that the Finance Minister has consistently and deliberately misled the nation with regard to the total amount of external debt that Zambia owes where he has portrayed a false figure of about $7 billion when the actual and correct figure is in fact about $33 billion. “When you add domestic debt which is about $4 billion, the total national debt is about $37 billion representing about 176% of GDP. This act shows a lack of integrity on the part of the Honourable Finance Minister and is not acceptable to the Zambian people,” he complained.

Tembo said PeP’s second ground for demand for the Mutati’s resignation is that the Finance Minister has shown gross incompetence and a total lack of sound decision making by authorizing the closure of a commercial bank, Inter-Market Banking Corporation Limited and later seeking capital injection from the owners after the bank was closed instead of doing so before the bank was closed. There’s no question that as soon as the bank is opened, there will be a rash on deposit withdrawals and that Intermarket is unlikely to ever operate again, all thanks to the Honourable Minister’s poor decision making. It is also worth noting that this incompetence by the Honourable Minister has in fact cost most Zambians their deposits which remain marooned in the closed Inter-Market Banking Corporation,” Tembo regretted.
He said PeP’s third ground for demanding the Mutati’s resignation is that he has shown gross incompetence and dereliction of duty by failing to keep his promises with regard to the IMF bailout package.
” In November 2016, the Honourable Minister promised Zambians that the IMF package will be in by January 2017. Ever since then, he has continued to shift goal posts without even the humility of apologizing to Zambians for his unkept promises. His latest statement is that the IMF bailout package may be in by end of the year 2017,” he stated.

Tembo concluded :”The fourth and final ground for demanding the Honourable Minister’s resignation is that he was not appointed on merit but rather as pay back for the favour that he rendered to the Patriotic Front in the August 2016 general elections in which, as leader of MMD, he made sure that MMD did not file a presidential candidate. The Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) is aware that most PF strongholds were also MMD strongholds and had MMD filed a presidential candidate, they would have split the PF vote which may have resulted into President Lungu losing the election,” Tembo warned.

“The Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) strongly believes that given how fragile our economy is, we need a Finance Minister that has integrity, is diligent, competent and accountable to the Zambian people, and above all, is appointed on merit and not as pay back of a favour owed to the PF. In this regard, PeP, on behalf of the Zambian people,hereby demands for the immediate resignation of the Finance Minister, Honourable Felix Mutati so that an appropriate person can take over this important national role. Venerable country men and women, it should never escape our minds that there are 14 million of us Zambians in this nation and finding the right person to run our national affairs should be a relatively easy task.”