Kambwili Is Welcome Says UPND As The Roan MP Says Sorry To The Southerners

Kambwili Is Welcome Says  UPND As The Roan MP Says Sorry To The Southerners

We have forgiven Chishimba Kambwili and ready to work with him because politics is a game of numbers the world over.
Kambwili told Zambian Blog Radio that he seeks forgiveness from the Tonga people for having vilified them at the height of the last election campaigns.
Kambwili said he was being used by his boss President Edgar Lungu to bad mouth southerners, saying he is asking them to find it in their hearts to forgive him.
Kambwili had told the media that even if Jesus was to come to contest a seat in Southern Province, Tongas would vote for Hakainde Hichilema.
Chiefs in Southern Province have requested Kambwili to to travel to Southern Province and tender his apology than through the media.
But Katuka said even if it has taken him a bad experience to come to term with reality that he was wrong, the UPND finds it wise to forgive Kambwili.
“As UPND, we cannot continue dwelling in the past because there is time for everything.The bible says vengeance is for the Lord and not for us. So if he has unreservedly apologized at this critical time, who are we not to take his apology. He has realized that he made a mistake. To apologize when you make a mistake is human,” the UPND Chief Executive Officer said.


Asked whether the party can welcome Kambwili if he approached him as Secretary General of the party, Katuka said politics is a game of numbers so if the Roan Lawmaker comes with a clear heart, he will be welcomed with both hands.
” Politics is a game of numbers and politics are dynamic. So if he comes with open hands and a clear heart, who are we not to welcome him. I am not the only one to make such a decision but in my view if someone apologizes you can’t hold a grudge against them,” Katuka said.
Kambwili has stated that politics are dynamic anything can happen as he can either join the opposition UPND or form his own political party but that for now he is PF.
With Katuka’s rather sheepish stance on Kambwili’s apology one would speculate that the former PF strongman is heading to UPND.