Hubby Laments Wife Sleeps With Younger Men

A FIFTY-YEAR-OLD man of Chimense village has narrated before the Mansa local court how his wife humiliates him by sleeping withyounger men because he is ‘powerless’ in bed.Peter Bwalya has sued his wife Violet Chongo for divorce before senior magistrate Leontina Zaloumis.
Bwalya told the court that Violet, 39, is fond of sleeping with younger men and boasts that they are energetic in bed.

The two tied the knot in 1992 and have five children. Bwalya said when he married his wife, all was rosy until two years ago when he started receiving information that his wife was sleeping with younger men. He said one day, he found his wife with a young man, who is as old as their son, in a compromising state.

“My wife is a cheat who sleeps with young men. She says I am powerless. She insults me in front of our children,” he narrated in an open court. Bwalya told the court that his wife brags that younger men are more energetic in bed and are able to satisfy her. He said his wife is also disrespectful and insults him in front of their children saying he cannot handle him in bed. Bwalya said his wife also frequents taverns and has no time to attend to family business.

He said his wife has refused to change and asked the court to grant them divorce so that he can live in peace. And Chongo accused her husband of not providing for the family and having extra-marital affairs.

She, however, urged the court not to grant them divorce because the children would suffer.
Magistrate Zaloumis adjourned the case to a later date for judgement.