Milupi Dares Mutati To Deny Claims That Zambia’s External Debt Is 30 Billion USD

Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) president Charles Milupi has dared Finance Minister Felix Mutati to issue an official statement on Zambia’s debt to counter Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba’s claims that the country owes the external forces a staggering 30 billion United States dollars.
On 21st June 2017, Mutati told Parliament that Zambia’s foreign debt stock stood at 17 billion United States Dollars. After much debate and discussions, Mutati clarified that Zambia’s debt was 7.2 billion United States Dollars.
However, Dr Nevers Mumba disputed Mutati’s figure, saying according to his party’s research, Zambia’s foreign debt stands at 30 billion United States Dollars.
When reached for a comment, Milupi said Mutati should come up with a statement that will vindicate him.
“What he(Mutati) should do is to come up with an official statement to either rebut or confirm Dr Mumba’s claims that Zambia’s external debt is 30 billion United States Dollars. He cannot be quiet after such revelations. Mutati should come up with details on every figure Dr Mumba has speculated in his report otherwise he has even delayed to do so” Milupi stated.
Asked whether Mutati should resign on moral grounds, the ADD leader said: ” First he should either confirm or deny Dr Mumba’s report but if it is denying, he must come up with evidence to justify his argument. That is when should start talking about whether he should resign or not.”