My Wife Is Not Interested In Sex!

Question : I am a 35-year-old-married guy with two kids. My wife is not at all interested in sex and she has been like this for the last 8 years or so. Other than our sex life, everything else is perfectly fine and we share a great bonding.

I have tried openly speaking to her many times, but she just deviates from the topic, and we never end up with a solution. Sometimes, when I am really desperate, she just gives in for the sake of it, and it feels like I either having sex with a dead body or I am raping her. Trust me, it is a horrible feeling!

Unfortunately, my sexual cravings are too much, and I get irritated due to lack of it. I am just hoping for a considerate amount like once a week or so. Is that too much to ask for? My wife is not willing to visit a counsellor and I have started feeling that I am a sex pervert. Somehow, I have been managing all these years with porn and masturbation. But off late, I am getting a lot of calls from similar-minded girls who are also ignored by their husbands. I fear I might end up sleeping with one or all of them one day. I even tried mentioning about this to my wife, but she still does not care. Please tell me what I am supposed to do