PF, Zambian DNA Rebuke Malema

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Mulema’s remark that President Edgar Lungu is a dictator and coward has not sat too well with the governing Patriotic Front(PF) and Zambian DNA.

Patriotic Front(PF) National Information Secretary Jevan Kamanga said in an interview that Malema should learn to respect the sovereign state of Zambia and quit commenting about internal affairs of the country.
He added that the opposition leader should concentrate on building his party and forget about the PF and Zambia.

“Mulema has issues to sort out in South Africa so for him to start meddling in our politics, it is very unfortunate. We are a sovereign State with our own challenges so we do not expect external forces to come and tell us what to do.

As a country, we have standards and laws and if the laws demand that someone is put behind bars, we don’t expect someone from outside to come and tell us how to govern ourselves. We have not spoken about his issues with the African National Congress(ANC) because it does not matter to us,” Rev Kamanga said.

He argued that President Lungu means well for the country as opposed to Malema’s claim that President Lungu is a dictator.
“The Kwacha is doing very well and Meali-meal prices are going down. So what dictatorship is he talking about?” he asked. And speaking in a separate interview, Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa lectured Malema that President Lungu has not yet declared State of Emergency.

“We would want to inform Mr Malema in no uncertain terms that President Lungu has not enforced State of Emergency but what he did was to invoke article 31 to curb the acts of lawlessness and sabotage that threatened national security and peace,” he said, adding that no one has been arrested for belonging to the opposition party because Zambia is a democratic state.

He schooled Malema that Zambia will never be a province or an extension of South Africa.