Barclays Donates K3.2 Million Students’ Scholarship

Barclays Donates K3.2 Million Students’ Scholarship

Barclays Bank Zambia has donated K3.2 million for the scholarship programme which is aimed at providing vulnerable young people with access to quality tertiary education for young people, with over 50 people likely to benefit.

Barclays Bank Managing Director, Mizinga Melu said the donation was part of the Bank’s fulfillment of its recently launched “Shared Growth” through education.

“As Barclays Bank Zambia, we are delighted to donate the K3.5 million through the Shared Growth Citizenship programme which recognizes the critical interlink between our success and society’s progress. As Barclays, we understand that life can be difficult and sometimes assistance is needed to reach one’s goals in life. And as an organization, we pride ourselves in helping to bring to life the many dreams of young people in our communities, ” she said.

She also said that the Scholarship programme was twofold, comprising an internal component benefiting legal dependents of Barclays members of staff and the external component that will benefit the vulnerable young people.

She also added that Barclays believes that higher education creates opportunities that can transform the lives of young people and the future of Zambia.
Ms Melu also said the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services would help in identifying the vulnerable people in society to be the beneficiaries of the donation.

Meanwhile, Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Emerine Kabanshi said she was happy to be part of the launch of the Barclays Bank Scholarship targeted at vulnerable students for tertiary education sponsorship.

“We would like to state here that our Ministry cherishes the increase in access to education among the poor and vulnerable. We also sadly note that there has been an increase in the number of men and women who have attended secondary or higher education, initiatives aimed at increasing literacy levels in our society remain crucial,” she said.

She also said that her Ministry was currently involved in screening students who wish to apply for government loans for the two highest public universities: The University of Zambia (UNZA) and The Copper Belt University (CBU) as well as assessments being done in selected Technical Education Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVET) colleges.

Speaking at the same function, Higher Education Minister, Nkandu Luo reiterated that education was a vital component to the development of any country and that Zambia was no exception.

She also added that not only was education a basic human right, but that every child should be given an opportunity to afford quality education.

In her closing remarks, Prof Luo t thank Barclays Bank Zambia for the K3.2 million it has given to the enhancement of education and therefore implored other private partners to consider supporting the education and skills sector through initiatives like the one by Barclays Bank.