Just Pay If You Want To Write Exams, Luo Tells 8,000 Students

Just Pay If You Want To Write Exams, Luo Tells 8,000 Students

Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo insists that University of Zambia Great East Campus students should pay tuition fees, failure to which they will be not allowed to write the exams.

The University of Zambia has blocked over 8,000 students who owe the Institution K58 million  in unpaid tuition fees from sitting for the examinations if they fail to make the outstanding payment.

UNZA Public Relation Officers Damaseke Chibale said the growing trend  by some students of not paying tuition fees has negatively affected the operation of the university.

He said generating income from tuition fees has been a challenge at the university.

As if it is adding salt to the wound, Prof Luo endorsed Chibale’s statement at the Barclay Bio-fuels stakeholders meeting,

Prof Luo said it is illogical for UNZA students to think they can write  exams without paying the tuition fees.

She said students should realize that it is expense to coordinate the  examination process.

“Just like my young sister, hourable Dora Siliya is not a minister of maize, I am not a minister of UNZA but minister of all higher learning institutions. The UNZA students want to write  exams without paying the outstanding tuition fees? Where is money for external instructors going to come from?” the Minister wondered