ZANASU Condemns UNZA’s Move To Bar Students From Exams

The act taken by UNZA management to bur students who have not finished paying from writing their exams is very wrong, the best they can do is to make everyone write and ensure they don’t see there results until they pay.

It’s very unfortunate that Adrian Matole (UNZASU President) and his entire crew in UNZASU seem to be to relaxed over the matter as though they are supporting management. UNZASU should realise that if over 850 students do not write their exams then the future poverty that may be caused on these people and their families will be on their hands.

In Zambia education is one of the major keys to success hence depriving someone’s right to education in such a manner is heavily condemned by ZANASU.

 UNZA Managment should find another alternative of making these students to pay and restrain them from writing exams. Students come from different families with different financial challenges.

Some their parents are farmers who are only hoping to pay after selling their farm products once bought by FRA. Therefore, UNZASU should stand up for their fellow students and management should find a better alternative where students can write and not view their results if they don’t complete paying.
In a nutshell, UNZASU should remember and acknowledge that we all have a stake in one another and what binds us students is greater than what tears us apart, hence education is what binds all students thus the need to ensure all the students write the exams.