Kanganja Should Be In Jail, Says Tayali

Political Commentator Chilufya Tayali has waged a vicious war against  Inspector  General of Police Kakoma Kanganja, calling him incompetent and naive.

Tayali says he will continue punching holes in Kanganja until the two renew their rivalry in court.

Tayali said it is Kanganja and not United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema who was supposed to be thrown in Mukobeko Maximum Security  Prison for putting President Edgar Lungu ‘s life in danger.

The feud between Kanganja and Tayali can be traced back to the Mongu car race saga.

Tayali posted a strong worded statement calling for the dismissal of Kanganja for allowing the President’s motorcade to be obstructed by private citizens.

The remark landed Tayali in police custody for defamation.

He was viciously defended in the Magistrate Court  by Hichilema’ brilliant lawyers who clearly exposed Kanganja’s incompetence

Kanganja in cross examination admitted that he was ordered by PF cadres among them Mumbi Phiri to arrest Hichilema and charge him with treason.

The State submitted to the Magistrate Court that it was discontinuing the case as the Inspector General of Police was not able to bring a list of PF cadres that ordered him to arrest Hichilema.

But up to date, Tayali has refused to celebrate the nolle.

He said it is unfortunate that President Edgar Lungu  is abusing the judiciary with impunity… cases ending in nolle prosequi, much to the disadvantage of the victim.

“In the first place, why should I celebrate a case that ends in a nolle. I wanted to embarrass Kanganja but yes he was saved by a nolle,” he said.

Tayali wondered why Kanganja is walking the streets of Lusaka freely after he committed treason when he endangered the life of President Edgar Lungu.

“He(Kanganja)  was supposed to go to prison and not Hakainde Hichilema. I will not stop calling him incompetent because I want him to take me  back to court so that I finish up with him,” Tayali said.