GoTv Slashes Decoder Prices


GoTV Zambia, a TV content provider and subsidiary of DSTv has announced a 55.2 per cent reduction on its decoder prices of K199 from K360.

GoTV, has however, maintained its monthly subscription fees of K17, K33 and K90 respectively fot its three bouquets.

GoTV Acting Managing Director, Rachel Kalima Kabwe says the reduction is as a result of the market dynamics in the TV channel provision in the country.

“We fully understand the business trend in the provision of Digital TV in the country so as to provide our customers with affordable TV programming,” she said.

She also said that GoTV  has been a quality TV content provider in the country for the past 6 years, and that it has been providing the best programming including such channels like Telemundo,  Zee World, Al Jazeera, Select Sport 3 and Select Sport 2 which televises the Zambian Football League as well as local channels like CBC TV, Prime TV, Hope TV and Revelation TV.

Responding to questions as to whether stiff competition from Top Star had compelled the reduction in the decoder prices, Mrs Kabwe said GOTV had decided to slash the prices as it has not done so for the past 6 years since its inception.


She however added that competition was good for the market as it contributed to the stimulation of the market as well as the industry.


She also refuted claims that DSTv Zambia has the most exorbitant subscription fees in the Southern African region, adding that prices differ in different countries due to different inflation rates and exchange rates.

The Government has set October 1, 2017 as the deadline for Zambian TV to migrate from analogue signal to Digital signal provision along the line of rail and this has prompted the two  largest Tv content providers, namely GoTV and Top Star to device ways and mechanisms of capturing as many subscribers as possible.