Tayali: Lungu Is a Mediocre President

Tayali: Lungu Is a Mediocre President

CHILUFYA Tayali says Edgar Lungu is a mediocre President.

And Tayali has insisted that he will continue posting on Facebook comments that will expose “incompetent” Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

In April, Kanganja dragged Tayali to court after he posted on Facebook that he (Kanganja) was trying to hide his inefficiency by charging UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema with treason in that same month.

However, Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma dismissed the matter on Friday morning after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Siyunyi filed a nolle prosequi.

Tayali, the Economic and Equity Party (EPP) president, said on Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Friday night that had it not been for President Lungu’s mediocrity, an “inefficient” Kanganja would not have been the head of the Zambia Police.

Basically, I’m talking to the boss [to fire Kanganja] because Kanganja is there out of the appointment of someone, which one I have said that he is a mediocre. I have said it! President Edgar Lungu is a mediocre! He is actually the problem why we have people like Kanganja. Of course, some other appointments are very good that he has made. But this appointment [of Kanganja] is bad and most of his appointments are bad and if this man (President Lungu) was serious, this Kanganja would not have lived a day after the Mongu issue – he should have been fired straight away,” Tayali charged.
He (President Lungu) is a mediocre and if they want to arrest me again on that one, they can arrest me and I can point out why I say the President is mediocre. You can’t tell a person to be a mediocre over one issue; it’s a number of issues and I can count through some of these issues which I say this man is a mediocre. For example, we had the issue of the ministers [remaining in office after the dissolution of Parliament in May 2016]; he (President Lungu) was there saying ‘you people you don’t read and so on and so forth.’ LAZ (Law Association Zambia) went to court and they won that [case]. [But] what has happened? Up to today these ministers have not paid back the money and the case is still lingering in court! A man who is decisive, a man who is efficient like ‘Touch and Go’ like myself, the moment that happened, he would have said ‘guys, I made a mistake; can you pay back’ and they would have paid back.

He insisted that Kanganja must either resign or be fired from his position.

“Kakoma Kanganja must go! I would have been very happy to show to the public that this man, Kakoma Kanganja, is incompetent, is inefficient. Some people think that I’m personal [but] I have got no vendetta against anyone, nothing. It’s just that we have to be responsible for this country; we pay taxes…” Tayali stressed.

“The people of Zambia pay Edgar Lungu, the people of Zambia pay all the ministers, those big [government-owned] vehicles that you see, they are at our expense and we have a responsibility to make sure that these resources are used properly. If we are going to pay someone as Inspector General, he must serve us properly. Edgar Lungu, if he has to be in that office, he must serve us accordingly.”

And Tayali indicated that he would post more comments on Facebook against Kanganja.

“I’ll do more [Facebook postings]. I’m not done with the Inspector General of Police – he must go! I’ll post more and I’ll do more. I intend actually to do a protest on Tuesday morning. I want to walk from Freedom Statue to Force Headquarters demanding for Kanganja to go. I have got the right to protest and I’m going to do it alone,” he explained.
Meanwhile, Tayali said there was total abuse of the police by the State.

“Our cells are not okay and unfortunately, I can guarantee you [that] most of the people that were there (when he was arrested at Kabwata Police cells), the average age was 17. Ask me what offences [they were facing]? Offenses of debt! Total abuse [of the police]. The majority of them… There were only two or three people who, from my point of view, had cases. But the rest of them, these are cases that shouldn’t be there. I was there for five days at Kabwata Police,” recounted Tayali.

“One of the reasons why I’m so upset even with these nolles [is that] people like myself, people like HH (Hichilema) are even privileged to get these nolles. But poor people who are being taken in out of police abuse have no chance of nolles; they have no chance of the media covering them. So, they stay in there (police cells) just like that.”