Mwine-Lubemba Speaks-Out On ‘Under-Developed’ Northern Province.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has taken a swipe at Ministers, officials and other elected leaders who hail from Northern Province for failing to develop the region.
Speaking on Radio Mano during his weekly programme dubbed, ‘‘IFIKALA CIIMBWI TEFIKALA INAMA IKATA’’, the Mwine-Lubemba charges that he does not see meaningful development in the province with the ineptness of leaders.
His Royal Highness however warns that he will not allow mediocrity by the said leaders including the Northern Province Administration.
He stresses that Members of Parliament, Councilors, and District Commissioners must up their game if the province is to attain its desired development.
Meanwhile, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has directed the Northern Province Administration to seriously respond to concerns and views raised by his subject’s on Radio Mano’s HOT ISSUES programme.
He states that the HOT ISSUES programme accords them an opportunity to know what the people want and make urgent responses.