Publish Names of “Fake” Teachers in Newspapers, Fire And Replace Them Immediately- Muyumba

The National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ) Executive President, Victor Muyumba says the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and private schools concerned should fire the nearly 500 teachers who have been found to have forged their professional documents by the Teaching Council of Zambia, if it has truly been established they have fake documents. Mr. Muyumba says those teachers should be replaced with qualified teachers immediately.
And Mr. Muyumba says NUPPEZ is of the view that government must prosecute, in the courts of law, all the teachers who are suspected to have forged their professional certificates as the said teachers have put into disrepute the good image of the teaching profession.
“The revelation by the TCZ that 498 teachers faked their professional documents makes very sad reading, and cannot pass without our comment. Our guess is that this could be just a tip of an iceberg. We are just hoping the TCZ conducted thorough investigations conclusively. That being the case it means this is an eye opener that there must be a complete overhaul of the recruitment process of teachers in both public and private sector so that rotten eggs in the system are gotten rid of. In fact, even other ministries must scrutinize their employees as the scourge could be deeply rooted in all ministries,” said Mr. Muyumba.
And Mr. Muyumba has advised the TCZ and TSC to publish the full list of names of “fake teachers” in daily tabloids.
“It is disturbing and heart-breaking to learn that at the time when thousands of well-trained teachers are roaming the streets there are hundreds of teachers in employment masquerading as trained teachers. This is criminal and disappointing. As NUPPEZ we would love to see a situation where the full list of names of the said teachers who forged their professional is published in the widely circulated newspapers such as the Zambia Daily Mail as the best way to deter would be offenders,” said Mr. Muyumba.
Last week, the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) Registrar Ebby Mubanga disclosed at a press briefing in Lusaka that out of 100,000 verified certificates for Teacher Registration, 498 certificates are forged- with 391 forged certificates from the public sector while 107 are from the private sector.