This Man Says If You Can’t Help Your Wife With Chores But Wont Let Her Get A House Helper, You Are A Wicked Man

This Facebook user got first time real experience on what it means to run a home after their househelp resigned. His names are Adewale Aladejana,. Read his post below:

“Our househelp suddenly left on Tuesday and for the first time ever I became a hands on dad, I used to change pampers in the past but I am not good with petting babies, I can play with them and buy them toys that make them happy but that’s where it stops but in the last 4 days, I have done some baby things I have never done before.”

My wife is a super woman by the time I wake up in the morning (I usually pray early and sleep back) the sitting room has been swept and arranged, beds are neatly tucked in, she has washed clothes and food is ready how did she do all of that before 8am??? I will never know.

This brings me to what I really want to say; I will never understand men who don’t want their wives to have house helps unless your wife says she doesn’t want it that’s a different case and even then it’s a LOT of work, I am not a domestic dad, I don’t enjoy washing, cooking or cleaning anything but if my wife wants 10 house helps I will pay happily.

Bros, if your wife needs help in cleaning the house and taking care of the children and you can’t help her and still won’t let her get house helps YOU ARE A WICKED MAN! You have no right to get angry when you touch her bumbum at night and she says she’s tired. Of course she has to be tired!

There is a way babies cry that you feel it in your brain…these last 4 days has made me appreciate my wife and women more, it’s not easy at all. Bros get your wife a maid o, that house work is a never ending process. Receive common sense in Jesus name.

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