Music Association, Manager Have Let Mumba Yachi Down

By Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba

Enough of Mumba Yachi crap. If his arrest is due to him impersonating a Zambian then the mistake is not only his.

It should start from the National Arts Council (NAC), the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) and Yachi’s manager. All these should have given counsel to him. But l think they where just interested in how much he brought in.

The law is the law and it must be followed. Those in authority should give guidance to there members. Concurrently people should stop giving hypocritical solidarity.

Go to any country as a Zambian with fake papers and see what will happen to you. A wrong is a wrong lets stop this nonsense of supporting illegally. Let us help him to get a Zambian citizenship if he feels more welcome in Zambia. We are one. I am happy to aid him in this regard.

Mumba Yachi has a great talent that is no doubt but he just needed to do things in a right way with the help of his managers, friends and associates. Things like free Mumba Yachi when you were not there to guide him just show how hypocritical some of you people and groups are.

Don’t add a voice just because you want to run away from your responsibility. This is what l call popcorn reasoning.

My advice to NAC and ZAM and other artistic or professional bodies is to create a desk to help in such. We don’t want groups who just make noise. We have enough of that from politicians and popcorn Civil Society Organisations.

I love Zambian and African music. Yachi helped rekindle that traditional and authentic sound we don’t get from Computer Based Musicians (CBMs) who cannot perform live. People just jump up and down in the name of performing live. Mumba sings with passion like our musicians of old. But bro this doesn’t mean you are untouchable.

We all know that once you start making a name for yourself in any way law enforcement agencies will start scrutinizing you. Friends you differed with will put you on the line. If you are a woman, men you said no to will be like, “we will see”. If you are a man that lady you said sorry we can’t go on will be like. “My…… (fill in the blank space) works for that law enforcement agency will look into it “. I think you know what l am talking about. This is a sad thing though.

That aside. Mumba helped raise the flag of Zambia more than some of these crackpots we call politicians. But he should follow what the law on certain issues say. All this should have been avoided.

When things are back to legality. The first thing which he should do is fire his manager if he has one. That chap just wanted your cash bro. Unless he did not tell him the truth.

Let us also stop this thing of wanting to add a voice on things we don’t understand.

By the way Lusaka is too dirty for a capital of a Country. Is the Mayor from Lusaka or from another town. He should be arrested for impersonating a Lusaka man.

The author is a PhD candidate-Political, Gender and Transnational Studies at the International Postgraduate Centre (IPC), Faculty of Social Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt