Lusaka Socialite Iris Kaingu Goes Completely Naked To Depict A ‘True’ African Princess

Socialite iris Kaingu has come out completely naked in body paint to celebrate an African woman. She says she has illustrated a true African princess as it was before the colonization. As it may look like clothing on her private parts, there is completely no clothing covering her body besides the only paint done on her by Artist Caleb Chisha.
She claims this is just a project about exploring the historical beauty of cultural body paint. See her full instagram post below:

“iriiisss__Historically, women in Africa walked around in the nude.. after colonization, western ideals were forced upon our people and the custom changed. Nowadays, the female body is not as celebrated and women aren’t allowed to express themselves through clothing without ridicule.
To emphasize this. I have done a beautiful illustration of an African Princess. 3 things I would like to highlight.
1. Society needs to understand that by our actions in body shaming others, we make people lose confidence in themselves. We need to be a society that builds each other up. You are confident, bold, beautiful, fearless! You are you!!! We are all beautiful.. 2. Contrary to what most believe, this is a part of our culture and not the modernized dress of present day. We need to unite and preserve what is still left of our traditions and customs so that future generations have their feet firmly in the ground.

3. Lastly, you are beautiful in your own skin. You are wonderfully made by God. You must be celebrated. if short shorts or tight little skirts are what make you feel beautiful you should express that. You have the freedom to!!! Go ahead celebrate what God blessed you with! – IK?”