10 Facts About Men- A Must Read For Wives

1.He loves sex. He’s a man – So stop pretending that you’re surprised that he is always horny for you, it’s normal. Given a chance, he would do it anytime and anywhere. So you better stop denying him that sex especially if you gonna make noise about him cheating.

2. Your man may have a small manhood “Mulefwaya Umupini” . It’s not about how deep he can go in you. It’s about how deep his love is for you.Stop comparing with those you slept with.

3. You shouldn’t be acting up every time he cums too quick.You should thank God he cums because that simply means you are too awesome to delay.After all, its not about how long he can last in bed. It is about how long the relationship will last?Nicely talk to him on how to improve .

4. Don’t ever compare him with your Ex. If he was so good then what the hell are you doing with him?Why are you not with your EX?

5. If he’s good in bed Then spread the word to your girlfriends, sisters and female cousins. If he’s poor spread the word to him surely he’ll do something about it.

6. Never attack him verbally in public.It’s a huge offense!When you crush his ego, he will leave you for one that holds him in high esteem.

7. His phone is his. The stuff that goes on there is crazier than you can imagine so leave it alone it’s not yours. And never answer his calls, if they wanted to talk to you, they would’ve called you instead.

8. If he has money he’ll spend it with you. If he’s broke, kneel down and pray for him & support him through it.

9. Don’t start acting up because his wallet isempty. He came into your life to love you not to bail you out of poverty.

10. Always remember that he came to attend your heart affairs not financial Affairs.Don’t be with a man for money.