Expatriates And Exploitation of Zambian Experts.

Dear Editor,
We are writing this mail with pain in our hearts at how qualified Zambian intellects, qualified and experienced Zambians are being abused and undermined by unqualified and underqualified job seekers in the name of expatriates at the mining giant FQMO-Mining Division in solwezi and Kalumbila. What buffles us is to know that credible but ineffective institutions like the Enginneering institute of Zambia issues out certificates and they can see that nothing qualifies this person to be an expatriate but these are unleashed onto the majority qualifed Zambians to be their HODs, HOS and supervisors and they go home with not less than K75,000 while the Zambians working and doing the donkey works go home with less than K6,800. Where is the Justice? We have the evidence to prove all this.

This is typical of major characterictics of racism. Boers from South Africa are major culprits at this mine. They have formed strong cartels and are working in connection with some disgruntled immigration officials and some few corrupt Zamiba employees at the same mine to flaut immigration laws at the peril of our fellow citizens. How can one be renewing his/her permit for 10,8,6,5,4years continuously without any hustle when their permit is only less than 2yrs?

How do you allow operators of dozers,Graders and excavators for 8years as expatriates when we have plenty Zambian operators. Don’t be fooled that some are marrying our women because when these guys are fired because they fall out of grace from their cartels, they leave our women behind looking lost. They even lie that they are coming as investors and are given investor pemits but are just job seekers.These guys know nothing at all when they come on site, our guys on the ground teach them what they know today yet are never promoted. The cartels use these same so called experts to identify the most promising and vocal ones and are sorted out, frustrated in every angle and eventually give up, resign or are fired based on trumped up charges. Our people are suffering in their on country.

Almost every department is 100% headed by these dumb experts, stores/commercial, crushers,washbay, enginnering, production, maintenance, optimisation,roads department, processing, instrumentation, IT and Human resource, Yes Human resource! When government officials come to the mines, they put up fake structures using Zambians and they even lie in the face of our president of fake positions and the president goes back smiling. ohh! we are so hurt! When Zambians request for departmental transfer for growth, these powerful cartels relegate them to lower position and places of work such as the wash bay just to frustrate them.

Get hold of Unoins officials, interview miners themselves and you will get the truth on the ground. Don’t go to the country manager or the public relations manager for information, they are sold out big time. We are calling on the immigatrion office, the Labour office, EIZ, the Ministry of Home Affairs to look into this matter with urgency and redeem our people. Stop issuance of work permits if possible. We don’t need them because these jobs have been are being done by Zambians.Work together for mother Zambia.

Watch out for phase two of our expose’ as we look into the hot “Grading ” issue as Zambians continue suffering oppressions.

The Mine watchtower.