HH’s Style Of Politics Irritates Mwakalombe

HH’s Style Of Politics Irritates Mwakalombe

Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has advised opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Leader Hakainde Hichilema to practice mature politics and not dent the image of the country.

Speaking during the weekly PF Media Interactive Forum, Mr. Mwakalombe says it is really unfortunate that the opposition leader made false statements about the country’s parliament and judicial processes during his visit to South Africa.

Mr. Mwakalombe says the opposition leader does not care about the country’s well being because if he did, he could have protected the image of the country he has been campaigning to rule.

He says after failure of several elections, the opposition should learn to live an exemplary life, than trying at all possible costs to ruin the country’s reputation.

He adds that government has been working tirelessly to attract foreign direct investment, but wonders why a presidential aspirant would draw government efforts backwards by altering remarks with the potential to the country’s investment opportunities in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwakalombe states that the Patriotic Front will not divert from its pro-poor mandate.

He says government will therefore not remove any vendors from the streets of Lusaka, but find interventions that will maintain the cleanliness of the city without necessarily affecting their daily operations.

He says his ministry has been in talks with companies that have conducted feasibility studies, to put up a power plant to generate electricity from waste.