Take Dialogue Seriously, Shimunza Urges PF, UPND

Movement for National Transformation(MNT) founding president Daniel Mvula Shimunza has urged the governing Patriotic Front(PF) and the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to take dialogue seriously because they are responsible for tension that has divided the nation.

The MNT leader said both UPND and PF must be willing to put Zambia first and not self – preservation in the process of dialogue as their coalition put together is small to hold Zambia’s peace hostage.

“PF AND UPND must take this dialogue and reconciliation serious because they have divided the nation when both put together only constitute less than 4 million Zambians,  where as over 13 million citizens are enduring their lack of seriousness in resolving  national issues. The nation is fatigued with this issue,” Shimunza said.

He said a clear Road map must be established for all stakeholders and players beyond the two major parties.

Shimunza said the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) being the cause of the impasse must be reconstituted and reformed  to be independent of political manipulation by any ruling government going forward.

” The Constitutional Court must be reconstituted or reformed for competence, capacity and independence of political undue influence,” the opposition leader said.

He said the mistakes of the Constitutional Court in the petition should

be addressed to satisfy the UPND as they insist on their constitutional  right for the petition to be heard.

“Justice,  peace and security of our nation be part of that roadmap respectively,” Shimunza said in a statement.

He said MNT is committed to all efforts without preconditions that foster national dialogue and reconciliation of divisive politics that have been experienced in the post election period.