We Shall Stand With Kambwili-Luanshya Marketeers

We Shall Stand With  Kambwili-Luanshya Marketeers

We are  in love with Chishimba Kambwili and we are going to stand with him in an event a by-election in Roan Constituency is caused, Luanshya Marketeers have vowed.


Kambwili is challenging his expulsion from the ruling party in the courts of law.

But the President’s agents have challenged Kambwili to drop the court case so that he proves his popularity in Luanshya.

But the Roan Member of Parliament has vowed not to withdrew the court case, saying  he does not to want to cause a costly by-election because the economy is down on its knees.

Memory Chibuye who spoke on behalf of other  Marketeers at Mpatamato Market said it is unfortunate that the Members of the Central Committee decided to sideline Kambwili from the party he formed and helped grow until it formed Government.

She said if the PF are happy with the expulsion of Kambwili, then  they will face the wrath of the electorates in the by-election.

Chibuye said it is a lie that Kambwili has done nothing to develop his Constituency.

“Ba PF should leave ba Kambwili alone. He has done a lot for us poor people. He is a man of the poor. So ba PF, us,  we stand with Kambwili. Even if you insult him and call him names, he is our MP and will stand with him,” she said as other marketeers cheered.

Chibuye went on rampage, demonizing the PF, saying there is nothing they will do to change the minds of residents to vote for another candidate other than Kambwili.

“Stop coming here and registering us with fake Presidential Empowerment Fund. We will get that money but we will stand with Kambwili. He has stood with us for many years and it is a shame that today he can be  called names and kicked out of PF. Ba Kambwili na Ba Sata fought for us to be on the streets because they understood the suffering of the people. But this new PF of ba Edgar and MMD has removed us from the streets so that we suffer,” Chibuye complained.

Later the Marketeers joined in songs and denounced President Lungu and the PF for attacking Kambwili.