Expect Nothing Good From Mutati’s Budget,Says Alfred Ndhlovu…as Sibalavu calls for implementation of the 2018 budget

Alfred Ndhlovu believes the 2018 National Budget will be as hollow as President Edgar Lungu’s State of the Nation Address(SONA).

And Political Commentator Abel Sibalavu has pleaded with the Patriotic Front(PF) Government to implement whatever   will be presented by Mutati.

Speaking in an interview, Ndhlovuv who is former Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication said the fact that President Lungu’s speech on the eve  of opening of Parliament ceremony was empty, shows that Mutati will present a hollow budget to the Zambian people.

He said in his political experience, the opening of Parliament speech reflects the  budget presentation, saying the two are not in variance.

Ndhlovu said normally if the President’s opening parliament is good, the budget presentation is normally superb.

He said the President was supposed to hint on some things that are expected to be presented by Mutati.

“The President’s speech was hollow for lack of a better term. No new ideas came from his speech and this is what it is when you are surrounded by people who have no ideas. This shows you that the budget to be  presented by Mutati will be pathetic. When the President’s speech leaves much to be desired, don’t expect anything good to come from the budget presentation,” Ndhlovu said.

He insisted  that he does not want to hear terms like trickling down effect of the economy as Mutati presents his budget.

He said the poor people cannot be waiting for clams to fall from the politician’s table.

And Sibalavu says he expects Government to implement the budget that will be presented  by Mutati.

He said most budgets presentations have ended up being talk shows owing to lack of implementation.

“In Zambia generally, there are many good policies that are still begging for implementation. We hope that in this case, the budget that will be delivered by Honourable Mutati will be implemented for it to do its intended purpose,” Sibalavu said.

Asked what his expectations are for the 2018 Budget, Sibalavu wondered whether it will be a  pro-poor budget because the PF government seem to have diverted from its pro-poor policy.